Proof reading

You need to have an important document checked before its broadcast or publication?

MEDIA COVERAGE: You need a boost ahead of your workshops and conferences? Capitalising on its experience with international organisations, TRADUCTECH reviews your standard letters, mailing lists, Power Point presentations, programmes, speeches and other public pronouncements. Downstream of your events, TRADUCTECH supports you prior to the publication of your conference proceedings.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: TRADUCTECH performs a careful review of your project fact sheets, flyers, brochures, minutes of meetings (MoM), reports (shorter texts), as well as training manuals, studies, end-of-study dissertations and doctoral theses (lengthy texts): text structure and logical connections, proof reading checks for misprints, typos and syntax errors, refinement of a heavy-handed style, suggestion of strong statements, extended range of vocabulary with synonyms, improvement in the style of writing, and overall coherence of the text...

WEBSITES: TRADUCTECH also reviews your website. Your texts are meticulously checked, thoroughly reviewed… In other words: ready for release!

In brief