Professional experience

Since 2017: Freelance translator

2017-now: Contract with the Language Department (GIZ-ELVIS), German Co-operation Head Office in Eschborn (Germany) – Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH – Translation and proof reading (GER-ENG: source languages ; FRA: target language) – Types of documents: Brief Project Description (PKB), Call to Candidacy/Job Description, Catalogue of Measures, Concept Note, Factsheet, Newsletter, Project/Programme Description, (Progress) Report, Results Matrix, Road Map, Training Manual, Work Schedule, etc. – Fields: Digital Literacy, Energy, Environment, Gender, etc. (GER/EN>FR)

2018-now: Service agreement with the Institute of Economic Structures Research Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftliche Strukturforschung/GWS GmbH (Osnabrück, Germany) – Translation of studies and summaries in the energy area in the MENA region (GER/EN>FR)

2018-now: Service agreement with the British Council (Rabat, Morocco) – Web page update – Translation of concept notes, articles, forms and templates (EN>FR)

Before 2017: Career with international organisations

2008-2016 incl.: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH (name before 2011: GTZ) – (Rabat, Morocco) – Local contracts for three projects (PEREN/Energy: 03.2008-12.2014) – (PGPE /Environment: 01.2015-11.2015) – (RE-ACTIVATE/Energy: 12.2015-12.2016) – (co-)drafting/editing, translation into French, publishing in four languages (English-German-French-Arabic) of GIZ/RE-ACTIVATE project sheet – Communication Officer: co-drafting, translation, proofreading in three languages (EN-FR-GER) of project fact sheets, reports, press releases, Minutes of Meetings (MoMs) – Webmaster: actualisation of events and publications on central data base DMS/GIZ-Intranet and Internet/Energypedia – Results-Oriented Monitoring (ROM) – Design and execution of roll-ups, posters, slogans on bookmarks – Proof reading of studies before their (online) publication, etc. (GER/EN>FR)

2001-2008: Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung – (Rabat, Morocco) – Executive Secretary and Webmaster – Logistic support at Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, directory and inventory of KAS-publications, speech writing, production of reports (GER/EN>FR)

1996-2001: British Embassy, Defence Section – (Rabat, Morocco) – Personal Assistant to the Defence Attaché (including translations and follow-up on contacts with the Moroccan Chief of Staff) – (EN>FR)

1995-1996: Mannesmann Demag (Rabat, Morocco) – Executive secretary and technical translator (project limited to one year for the construction of a gas pipeline in Morocco) – (EN>FR)

1989-1990: Stein-Heurtey Consortium (industrial furnaces) – (Paris, France). Technical translator. Fields: Metallurgy – Electronics – Hydraulics – Mechanics (GER/EN>FR)


1993: Master of Arts in German literature, philology and history of religions(ranked as "Good") – University of Caen (France) – supervised by Prof. Dr. Claude Lecouteux

1986-1988: Institut supérieur d'Interprétariat et de Traduction (ISIT) – (Paris, France) – Language combinaison: French/A – German/B – English/B – Diploma includes certificates from the British and German Chambers of Commerce in Paris. Preparation of scientific glossaries and trilingual thesis on: "Marine Radio-Ecology and Radiation Safety" – Study and Diploma under outstanding researchers such as: Prof. Dr. Jean-René Ladmiral

1982-1986: Preparation for higher/university teaching ('Hypokhâgne', 'Khâgne' / preparatory classes: comparative literature, philosophy, German) – Bachelor of Arts in German Literature, University of Caen (France)


December 2019: Translation of a report for the German foundation KAS-REMENA – Field: Migration – 3,791 words (EN>FR)

December 2019: Translation of a report for the German consulting agency GWS – Field: Energy policy – 19,420 words (EN>FR)

December 2019: Translation of three short stories for the German Heinrich-Böll – Foundation Rabat – Field: Literature – 4,877 words (EN>FR)

September-October 2019: Translation of two spare parts lists for the Italian translation agency VERTERE – CAT-Tool: SDL TRADOS STUDIO - Fields: electromechanical industry, robotics, optics (…) – 31,670 words (GER>FR) + 24,570 words (EN>FR)

September 2019: Translation of a concept note for the British Council Rabat – Field: MENA/co-operation – 1,849 words (EN>FR)

August 2019: Monolingual copywriting and review of an article: "Das Recht auf Zugang zu Informationen – ein wichtiger Schritt bei der Korruptionsbekämpfung in Marokko?" ("Freedom of information: a big step towards the fight against corruption in Morocco?") – 9 p. – Fields: Criminal/Administrative law, Political sciences (GER)

July 2019: Writing of individual art critics for five artists and sculptors – Exhibition at Sid El Abed Yacht Club, Morocco – 12 p. – Fields: Fine arts, Literature (FR)

June 2019: Translation of a document for a Moroccan pharmaceutical company with a view to the granting of a marketing authorization for a pharmaceutical product in Morocco – Fields: Pharmaceutical, legal – 24 p. [GER(Austria)>FR]

March 2019: Translation of a concept note: "Stratégies et politiques de développement pour la création d'emploi en Afrique du Nord" ("Development strategies and policies for employment creation in North Africa") for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Regional Office (Rabat, Morocco) – 11 p. – Fields: Employment, Economy, Geopolitics (EN>FR)

January 2019: Translation for the Orsay Museum (Paris, France) of a series of biographies of painters (9 p.) and a chronology (19 p.) about Impressionists. Author: Morrison, Alexandra. Fields: Fine Arts, Impressionism, Pointillism, Exhibition, Biography, Chronology (EN-FR)

November 2018: Translation of "L'économie bleue en Afrique du Nord: analyse sectorielle pour une politique de transport maritime et de tourisme" ("ICE_Blue Economy in North Africa: Sectorial Analysis for Maritime Transport and Tourism") for the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Regional Office (Rabat, Morocco) – 17 p. – Fields: Tourism Development – Sustainable Development in the MENA Region (EN>FR)- 17 p. (EN>FR)

August 2018: Translation for GIZ-ELVIS of a training manual: "Réhabilitation des toilettes au profit des communautés scolaires dans la région autonome en Mindanao musulmane" ("Toilet rehabilitation for school communities in the Autonomous Region Mindanao, Philippines") – 27 p. – Fields: Health/Hygiene Education, Resource Management, International Co-operation (EN>FR)

2008–2016: Proof reading and translation before (online) publication of GIZ Studies (three projects: PEREN, PGPE, RE-ACTIVATE) (EN>FR) :

2015: Translations for Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) – (Rabat, Morocco)(GER>FR)

Publications following the conference: "Mer sans eau: le Sahara, espace reliant l'Afrique subsaharienne à la Méditerranée" ("Sea without Water: the Sahara, the Space between Sub-Sahara Africa and the Mediterranean") – (Marrakech, 31 October to 1 November 2014) – Fields: (Modern) History, Sociology, Ethnology, Political Sciences(EN/GER>FR)



1988: Scientific journal Techniques de l'Ingénieur ("Techniques of the Engineer") – (Paris, France). Contribution to the publication of a multilingual lexicon of mathematical symbols: "Énoncé des symboles mathématiques" ("Formulation of Mathematical Symbols") – Fields: Lexicology, Mathematics (EN-FR-GER-SP)