Formatting, typography

Documents in a variety of formats – Word (.doc, .docx) or Excel (.xlsx), among others – are translated into French (mother language). This implies that TRADUCTECH complies with typesetting rules as per French standards (French national organisation for standardisation AFNOR). References:

TRADUCTECH also ensures that unbreakable spaces (Control + Alt + Spacebar) are duly inserted where necessary, including within French quotation marks, and in the case of punctuation marks with two signs (question mark ? – exclamation mark ! – semicolon ; - colon:).

With regard to formatting, the rule is that TRADUCTECH overwrites the existing file to maintain all formats into the target language French. Since the document provided in the source language is already formatted, the translation is displayed in the desired format. Moreover, all numbers are written in accordance with French practice in the translated document (for example, the comma is replaced by an unbreakable space. The digit after the decimal point in English is replaced by a digit behind the comma in French). Furthermore, all unnecessary characters and spaces are deleted.

You require a translation with CAT tools? TRADUCTECH works with the software outil SDL TRADOS STUDIO 2017 which offers high flexibility in the translation of all types of documents (Word [.doc, .docx], Excel [.xlsx, etc.] with or without macros, Power Point, PDF, and much more. Unbreakable spaces are automatically inserted. Formatting, exactly compliant with the source text, allows the unchanged reproductions into the target text. With CAT tools, TRADUCTECH will amaze you!