In the case of a literary text TRADUCTECH adapts to your needs, diversifying turns of phrases, finding proper synonyms, if need be with some paraphrasing, to pass on a concept from one culture to another. This requires culture, creativity, and imagination.

For a scientific text such as an article for a professional journal, TRADUCTECH performs the necessary research on dedicated websites, in order to reach the required level of accuracy. Together with the text to be translated, scholarly publications generally provide translators with Translation Memories (TMs) . Such tools make for a very high degree of accuracy to explore concepts on one specific subfield in a given research area. Technical jargon, precision and choice of vocabulary, adjustment of an article to a given audience: based on a solid training in translation-terminology, TRADUCTECH will meet all your expectancies!

TRADUCTECH ensures proper research and chooses the best suited vocabulary. By the way, choosing means making a choice between different possible options, i.e. reflecting upon the field or discipline, including the cultural context. The contrary of choosing would mean to take any term at random in the TMs, or blindly taking over the words chosen by other authors or translators whose aims and perspectives would not necessarily match with the text to be processed. This would mean writing on automatic pilot!

In the editing phase, TRADUCTECH completely re-evaluates verbs, nouns, and adjectives, formulations and sentence structures chosen on the first draft. Improving the vocabulary, refining and rewording, clarifying the entire structure: all this is part of the revision process TRADUCTECH is committed to.