You have a project in mind, but you cannot seem to find the time to write a commendable text? Simply send me a few key words, a random collection of ideas, the overall theme… TRADUCTECH will build on the ideas. A few corrections per email, telephone or Facebook allow you to expand your thoughts, get back to the number of words requested, emphasise on key ideas… TRADUCTECH can write you any type of document: project fact sheet or introductory page, abstract, programme, introduction, foreword, summary… TRADUCTECH knows how to transpose with accuracy the concepts you may wish to express, providing a cohesive content with a common thread. For this purpose, various parameters are taken into account: specific context, specialised vocabulary, in-house jargon, style, required language level, linguistic consistency, most commonly used formulations and political correctness.

For seven years I wrote all the speeches and public addresses for the Resident Representative of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAS Morocco). I also wrote and finalised most reports related to KAS events. My reports in French were circulated as templates to other French-speaking countries within the area concerned by KAS activities.

In brief